Martin Dietrich, MD

Board-Certified Medical Oncologist

Focuses on breast cancer research, treatment and prevention
Martin Dietrich, MD

Martin Dietrich, MD, PhD, is board certified in internal medicine and medical oncology with fellowship training in hematology and oncology. At the Cancer Institute of Florida, he focuses on the evaluation, treatment and development of new therapies for breast cancer.

Dr. Dietrich chose oncology as his specialty because he was fascinated by ongoing advancements in cancer research, genetics and molecular biology, which have led to life-saving treatments for many and the hope of a cure for all. In addition to his medical degree earned (with distinction) at the University of Heidelberg, he holds a PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Texas Southwestern – which is also where he completed his internal medicine residency and hematology/oncology fellowship. He also holds an advanced research degree from the German Cancer Research Center.

A noted clinician and researcher, Dr. Dietrich is especially proud of his numerous scientific publications that have contributed “snippets” to the puzzle of clinical and scientific problems. His clinical and research interests include immunotherapy and targeted therapy, development of new agents in clinical trials, biomarker development and genetic research.

He particularly values the opportunity to work with his patients and their families over their extended health journey, considering their trust a privilege and finding inspiration in their strength and the care they extend to one another during even the most difficult times.

Dr. Dietrich has native proficiency in English and German and professional proficiency in Spanish.


  • Breast cancer 

  • Biomarker development and genetic research
Clinical trials
Genetic testing and consultation
Immunotherapy and targeted therapies

Awards & Honors

  • National Cancer Institute T32 Grant (2014-2016)

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation Postdoctoral Scholarship

  • Marshall Fund (European Recovery Program) Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service

  • Exchange Scholarship/Travel Grant - Fulbright Foundation
Scholarship of the State of Baden-Wuerrtemberg
Scholar of the German National Merit Foundation


  • Institutional Scientific Review of Cancer Clinical Research Protocols: A Unique Requirement That Affects Activation Timelines
  • Circulating microRNAs and long noncoding RNAs: Liquid biomarkers in thoracic cancers
  • Next generation sequencing for the identification of targetable molecular alterations in cancer

Points of Difference 

  • Award-Winning Innovations
Care, Support and Spa Services
Clinical Trials
Destination Services

  • National Accreditations and Certifications

  • Nationally Ranked Cancer Programs

Results & Outcomes

  • Higher than Average Survival Rates

  • Advanced Diagnostics and Surgical Innovations

  • High Patient Satisfaction

  • Ongoing Research

  • Publications and Presentations

  • Ongoing Data, Results and Comparisons
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